Cooking Veggies


Vegetable Thoran

Keep Korma and Curry On. India is a controlled and chaotically enriching assault on the senses which has altered my perception on reality forever. I would go as far as to say that it quite literally blew my mind. There are so many things to love about a place that holds the most wonderfully vibrant […] read more →

Stir-Fried Ginger Beef

Sometimes quick and easy is all that is required to satisfy a grumbling tummy. Behold the idiot-proof dinner from my recipe book Eat Yourself Beautiful. You’ll be heaping this tasty dish onto your spoon or chopstick and cramming it into your mouth in just a very short space of time. The sauce is thick and glossy with an […] read more →

Jolly Good Butter Chicken

By the time you read this I will be gone. No forwarding address and no fixed abode for three whole weeks! I’m heading to India to embark on an adventure which I’m sure will have a profound and transformative effect on my life and to further my knowledge and continual enrichment in ancient self-healing practices […] read more →

Mother’s Day Recipes

Pamper your mum by making her a healthy and delicious homemade breakfast this Mother’s Day! Mums are truly special, they want you to do your best, forgive you for your mistakes, support your dreams and even tell you to remember to pack clean underwear. There’s no limit to their care and no matter how old […] read more →

Easter Treats for Hunter Gatherers

Easter weekend is a couple of days away so it’s time to channel your inner hunter gatherer and marshal the troops for the inevitable living room Easter egg hunt. You’ll want to explore high and low when you discover how good these solid eggs taste.  And just like traditional eggs, these orbs of deliciousness can […] read more →

Two Simple Breakfast Bowls

Hello autumn! In an effort to coax me and my cozy high socks out of bed on cooler April mornings I’ve been filling my mind and appetite with warming breakfast bowls and spicy chai. Never one to argue with a craving, for the past few weeks, I’ve been on a bleary-eyed breakfast bowl bender and […] read more →

Cleansing Turmeric and Ginger Tea

There are countless gurus in the wellness sphere these days, look around and you’ll find one on every web corner sporting their own alliterated bylines and catchy slogans. But how can you find one that works for you?  You know, one that is not selling a cure for cancer, an expensive online course to sign […] read more →

Feeding Fussy Eaters

Photo by The Whimsical Wife This blog post goes out to all of the parents or caregivers of picky eaters, and ones who are raising children in a processed fast food nation. I think that covers just about every parent. If your child is stuck in a pasta, nugget, boiled rice or potato mash commercial time […] read more →