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Dairy Free

Warm Beetroot, Carrot and Pear Salad

A nourishing salad fit for a busy family is what I am going to share with you today. Beetroots, carrots and fresh herbs appear to be the biggest culprits for left over fridge remnant veggies – anecdotal evidence I have managed to cultivate among many people I chat to about healthy eating and food waste. […] read more →

Chicken Pho with Raw Zucchini Noodles

Chicken Pho with Raw Zucchini Noodles Here is a delicious recipe which reminds me of my time spent in Vietnam, where I visited the most amazing tea shop and spent a couple of weeks exploring the country and its wonderful food. This recipe which contains raw zucchini noodles or (zoodles) comes from a recipe book […] read more →

Gluten Free Pita Pocket

Photo by The Whimsical Wife Say goodbye to soggy bread.  Sometimes it’s good to have a break from sandwiches and introduce new healthy bread options to kids’ repertoires. Here’s a breakfast,  lunch, or bulging snack  idea that kids can easily assemble themselves and have fun in the process. It comes from my book Supercharged Food […] read more →

Vegetable Fritters

My dog Cashew gets jealous when I eat these fritters.  I’ve never really known of a dog to get jealous of vegetables before.  But I think Cashew is an extraordinary dog and a bit of a culinary canine. For example, recently she was bitten by a paralytic tick which put her in intensive care for four days […] read more →

Chia Coconut Pikelets

Photo by Pamela Mackertich I’d love to share a wholesome and delicious recipe out of my Supercharged Food for Kids book. Pikelets work well for children as they are smaller than a traditional pancake and become a practical and fun finger food for them.  They can also be used for dessert as well as breakfast or […] read more →

Cauliflower & Daikon Rice and Quinoa Pilaf

It’s time to get out those oversized salad bowls from the back of your kitchen cupboard. Today I’m going to give you lots of healthy options for replacing white rice in your meals. You know those times when you’re looking for an alternative to stodgy, insulin spiking white rice and not sure where to turn? […] read more →

Quinoa Pancakes

Here’s a wonderful healthy breakfast or lunch idea that will give you a serve of complete protein and keep your blood sugar levels in check. Quinoa Pancakes Ingredients 3 cups cooked quinoa (white, brown or red) 3/4 cup almond milk 4 eggs 3 tsp gluten free baking powder pinch of Celtic sea salt coconut oil […] read more →

Cacao Bomb Crackles

Here’s a recipe from my brand new book Supercharged Food for Kids. It’s crackle time! You’ve probably all witnessed the unhealthy versions of these hanging around on the table at every kid’s birthday party, loved unconditionally by children and parents alike.  These crunchy, crackles of puffed rice are essentially an old fashioned treat that I have […] read more →

Spinach Ice Cream

Despite staying away from lactose I’m still very much partial to a scoop of delicious ice cream at times. The little kid in me still get’s excited when I crack open a fresh tub of creamy home made confection. As the saying goes, necessity breeds the mother of invention and having recently delved into the art […] read more →

Hazelnut, Chocolate and Berry Pudding

Gee whizz. This recipe has only three steps. Whizz, chill and scatter. It’s funny what emerges when you combine hazelnuts, avocado, berries and cacao. Enter  a spankingly delicious pud that’ll rock the socks off any pudding seen sitting around in coffee shops and cake stalls, whispering in honeyed tones inviting you in, but then leaving you […] read more →